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Q. What is the difference between a 5 Star Advisor and a 1 Star Advisor?

·    Click here to see the Star Ratings list.


Q. Which Financial Designations are considered when rating an advisor?

·    Currently, more than 70 designations. 

·    Click to see the Designation List.


Q. How do I obtain the AdvisorRating© of my Planner/Advisor/Consultant if he/she is not already listed on your website?

·    It is easy. Just click here and enter the advisor's information.  You will remain completely anonymous and we will contact your advisor and try to obtain their AdvisorRating©.  In a few days, we will follow up with you and present the advisor's information.  In some cases the financial advisor may not provide us with their information.  This does not mean the advisor is not qualified to offer good advice.  The advisor could be on vacation or they may not wish to pay the subscription fee to our service.  Click here for free information on how to do your own research.


Q. If my advisor does not wish to be listed on, does this mean they are not qualified?

·    No. There are thousands of qualified advisors not listed on


·     Sometimes the advisor simply does not wish to subscribe to our service. This does not indicate that the financial advisor is not a qualified professional. It just means they do not wish to subscribe to our service.


·     We provide detailed 14 point instructions on how to evaluate any advisor without the assistance of


·     We recommend that you perform your own due diligence on any advisor you work even if you use the service!


Q. Will elevate an advisor's qualifications or make an advisor seem more qualified than their credentials indicate?

·    No, absolutely not. Click here to view our  Fraud Warning.

·    Click here to view our  Note to Advisors.


Q. Are there customer complaints outstanding against my advisor?

·     Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name to find this information. You may also click to check FINRA or the SEC.


Q. Which Financial Designations are given the most weight when scoring?

·  We cannot disclose that information for a variety of reasons.  We recommend that you choose an advisor with a rating of at least 3 stars and perform some additional due diligence.


Q. Is my advisor properly licensed? 

·     Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name to see what types of licenses the advisor holds.


Q. What other areas are scored besides an advisor's certifications?

·  Currently, 125 items are reviewed in order to obtain an Advisor Rating. Here are some of the criteria we use:

Some of the Rating Areas:

·     Certifications

·     Quality of Certifications

·     Quantity of Certifications

·     Types of Securities Licenses Held

·     Types of Insurance Licenses Held

·     Education

·     Customer complaints

·     Criminal Background Check

·     Civil Background Check

·     Credit Background Check

·     Disciplinary Actions

·     Areas of Practice

·     Practice Specialty

·     Years of Experience

·     Insurance Coverage

·     Professional Organizations

·     Business Memberships

·     And other items not listed above


Q. Is my advisor properly certified?

·    Check your advisor's profile and see if has verified your Advisor's credentials.


Q. Are there disciplinary actions against my financial advisor?

·    Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name.


Q. Is the certification valid?

· only verifies valid designations.  If your advisor is presenting a designation that is not on our designation list, please contact us and we will review the information.


Q. Is my advisor qualified to help me? 

·   Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name.

·   You may also click to check FINRA or the SEC.


Q. What is a “Senior Advisor”? 

·    A Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) is typically a professional who specializes in working with seniors.  CSAs can be caregivers, real estate agents, medical device professionals and many other professions.  However, the CSA designation doesnot  provide significant financial training.  Always check to ensure that a CSA has an additional financial certification and the appropriate licenses when accepting financial advice from a CSA.


Q. What kind of experience does my advisor have?

·    Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name.


Q. Is my advisor working for commissions or working for me?

·  The vast majority of financial advisors will make what they believe is the best decision for their client's situation.  Whether or not you are getting the right type of advice depends upon what type of advice you are seeking.  We recommend matching your advisor's products, services and personality with your needs and desires.


Q. Is my advisor properly insured in case there is an error?

·    Check the advisor's profile after you have searched their name.


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