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The goal of our service is to provide one location where an investor can locate a financial advisor and have a confidence that the advisor is a legitimate, qualified, well rounded and properly licensed professional.  


This service does not endorse or recommend any specific financial advisors, financial planners, investment advisors, registered representatives, stock brokers or insurance agents.  (Hereinafter all previously mentioned titles will be referred to as financial advisors.) 


Use of this service does not guarantee better investment or financial planning advice. However, it will give you one location where you can verify an advisor’s credentials without having to navigate multiple sites and locations.   For free information on how to research a financial advisor without our service, click here.


It is our intent to give investors the very best possible start on determining which financial advisor is best for their specific situation and we hope that our service will prove to be invaluable to the investing public.


This is a subscription service that is paid for by the financial advisors listed on our website. The financial advisors’ cost is a very reasonable $199.00 per year.


We are not a lead referral service for financial advisors; we do not sell or give investor information to financial advisors, per our privacy policy. We are information aggregators and information verifiers.  We collect a financial advisor’s information, physically verify the information, and then provide that information to millions of investors for free.  In exchange, we charge the participating financial advisor a small and very reasonable annual subscription fee of $199.00 per year. 



There are tens of thousands of excellent, qualified financial advisors and planners who are not registered with our service that can provide you with excellent advice. If a financial advisor has not registered with AdvisorRating.com and you wish to perform your own due diligence, without our assistance, click here for free information on how research a financial advisor without the assistance of AdvisorRating.com. 


Past performance does not indicate future returns or performance from an investment product or a financial advisor. Our service will not protect an investor’s assets from market loss due to market fluctuation. All investments and financial products have some element of risk and it is advisable that you should perform your own due diligence on the investments and the financial advisor.


Our goal is to provide the investing public one location where they can easily identify quality advisors in their area.  One example:

Almost 20% of the American population relocates on an annual basis, how should they find a new financial advisor after moving?  Not with a referral, they just moved and don’t know anyone.  This leaves relocating investors with very few options and choices when choosing a new financial advisor. This, in turn, forces financial advisors to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in advertising costs in order to reach new clients.  AdvisorRating.com helps solve both of these problems. 

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